• ASK Automotive Brakes are designed for safe braking while ensuring low noise and reduced vibrations
  • Our design prevents excessive heating ensuring safer, reliable and high-performance braking
  • Eco-friendly Advanced Braking : Asbestos-free formulations made from premium raw materials sourced globally from reputed suppliers
  • Proprietary bonding ensures : Passing hot and cold shear testing
  • In house R&D center to develop customized formulations for specific applications as per customer requirements
  • Delivering Safety : Performance testing including friction co-efficient, hardness, specific gravity and wear testing
  • Durable and Noise-free solutions : Continuous improvement in product performance to sustain rigorous testing needs
  • Using most advanced dynamometers to simulate actual vehicle conditions for measuring performance, life and noise
  • On Road Vehicle testing : Ensuring optimum stopping distance in different road conditions like partial braking and panic braking
  • Adopting the latest innovation : Harnessing the latest global technical Know-How
  • Leading the change : Pioneering new chemical compositions for improved performance


  • Dynamometers
  • Compressibility Testing
  • Data Logger
  • Chase Machine
  • Hardness Tester
Get in touch with us for more information
Get in touch with us for more information