Though there are many ways to do Die Casting process like Gravity Die Casting, Low pressure die casting, Centrifugal Die casting and High Pressure Die casting, the last one is extensively used in Automobile Industry across the world.

High-Pressure Die Casting, as the name implies uses very high pressure ranging from 600 Kgf/cm2 to 1000 Kgf/cm2 to produce defect-free sound casting. Since it uses permanent molds made from Hot Die Steels, it is a very fast process and the product can be made in close dimensional accuracy.

High Pressure Die casting process is also divided in two categories namely Cold Chamber Pressure Die Casting Process and Hot Chamber Die Casting Process.

The main difference between the above two are the position of a molten metal bath. In Cold chamber Die Casting it is separate from the main machine but in Hot Chamber process is part of the main machine itself.

There are different type of metal Alloys which can be casted in Cold Chamber high pressure die casting process but Aluminum Silicon binary Alloys are most extensively used in Automobile Industry because of its light weight and high strength properties.

Now a days Magnesium alloys are also getting popular in high pressure die casting process but due to its unstable properties, it is still used in selective products only where lighter weight and thin-walled castings are required.

Zinc Alloys are mostly used in Hot Chamber die casting process due to its low melting point as a molten bath is part of the machine itself.

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