Any manual vehicle consists of a mechanical device that transfers the rotational power from the engine to the wheels known as the clutch. It bridges two or more rotating shafts and controls the connection between the shafts coming from the engine and the shafts that turn the wheels. Once the clutch pedal is released, the engine and gearbox come in contact, and when the clutch is applied, the engine spins but not the car as the engine and gearbox are separated.

The car clutch is comprised of the following 6 parts:-

Flywheel is the part permanently fixed to the engine’s crank. Every time the engine rotates, so does this rotating mechanical device. The teeth that cover the edge engage the starter motor with a pinion and start the car. Friction Surface
The face of the flywheel has a rough surface and the clutch plate acts against it. They play a very crucial role. Clutch Plate
The disc used in the clutch plate has high friction materials attached around its perimeter. Both sides of the disc have the friction products installed where one side is forced against the face of the flywheel, and the other on the pressure plate. These friction products are an integral part of the clutch system and hence, clutch friction product suppliers design them very meticulously so that they are flawless. Clutch Plate Springs
The springs in the clutch system ensure smooth and linear power delivery. They remain mounted on the inner side of the clutch plate for easy movement when the clutch is engaged. By dampening the torsional vibrations it absorbs any fluctuation in the engine’s power delivery. Pressure Plate
The plate attached to the flywheel is called a pressure plate. It spins along with the flywheel. Covering the clutch plate from one side, it presses it against the friction plate. When the clutch pedal is applied, it clamps down on the clutch plate and enables swift gear movements and prevents vibrations that result in wear and tear. Diaphragm Spring
When we apply the clutch pedal, the motion is directly transmitted to the diaphragm spring. This makes the diaphragm spring to pull the pressure plate away from the clutch plate and allow free movement of gears.
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