It’s that time of the year when biking enthusiasts look to hit the road and head to the hills with their gang. For some, it might be their first long road trip and they might have plenty of doubts and questions. Here’s a list of things to do to get your motorcycle ready for the long tours.

1. Know your vehicle
You depend on your bike when riding in tough and unpredictable terrains. So treat it as your best friend, know it thoroughly and take good care of it. This includes carrying out regular maintenance and following safety tips while driving. Do not apply brakes roughly. Accelerate steadily and turn smoothly. Notice the way it sounds on the road so that you can detect the issues that might come up in no time. For time-tested brake parts, you can rely on ASK Automotive, a known automobile friction products exporter with an enviable client base. 2. Check the lubrication
Check the engine oil to know if it is adequate for the long motorcycle ride. Make sure that the engine oil is in good condition. In fact, you should get it checked with an expert because, after all ‘engine oil is the blood-life of motorcycle’. A good lubricant plays a vital role in keeping the engine run smoothly. Depending on the make of your motorcycle, you could upgrade to semi-synthetic or fully synthetic oil, as they go well with both hot and cold temperature. 3. Clean the air filter
Make sure that the air filter is clean before starting your trip as there will be times when you will cross dusty and dirty environment that allows foreign abrasives to enter into the valves, internal bearings and cylinders. 4. Have a look at the drivetrain
Depending on the make of the drivetrain you are running on, you would need to keep a check on the chain stretch, sprocket wear, belt cracking and the oil available in the shaft housing. 5. Charge the battery and check the electricals
It’s not just your energy level that you should keep up but also of the battery before you begin the road trip. Make sure that the battery is fully charged and the headlight, tail lamps, side blinkers are in proper condition. 6. Brakes should be checked twice or thrice
Motorcycle trips are full of uncertainties. While that may seem like the best part of it to some of you, you must also be careful and get the vital components like brakes and brake fluid checked properly to have a safe road trip. You may take the help of the professionals for this. For brake products, go for ASK Automotive, one of the best motorcycle brake shoes suppliers in India today. 7. Check wheel alignment and tire pressure
Wheel alignment, tire condition and tire pressure also need to be checked, especially when going for a long ride. Proper alignment of wheels helps to reduce the tire’s wear and tear. It also ensures that the wheel travel is straight and correct. Maintaining optimum tire pressure ensures decent fuel economy.