Choosing the best component supplier for your firm is not an easy task as you have to take care of multiple things while doing so. Also, you have to choose multiple suppliers, each for a different component of your two-wheeler models, thus making this task even more crucial for your organization. Aluminum die casting is such an important component, for which you may need a reliable supplier. But many of the market players commit a lot of mistakes while choosing a die casting supplier for them. Thus, here, we list all the major factors which you need to consider while choosing a die casting supplier for your two-wheelers.

Now a days Customers in Automobile Industry require parts in semi-assembled condition which can directly go to their assembly line. These parts are mostly painted and machined parts suitable for the final assembly.

Therefore finding a die casting supplier who can supply only raw casting parts is not a solution any more, we need a “Complete solution provider” who can do all operations under the single roof.

Die Casting process itself requires following sub-processes

  1. Designing of die or mold which requires feeding system air ventilation system to produce the sound casting. A typical die of HPDC process can produce 100 K good parts from a die so selecting suitable material and mould design to withstand such a high pressure for the 100K cycle is a very important factor.
  2. Simulation is the process where we can see on our monitor screen as how the mould is going to fill during production and which are the areas where defect can come so that we take corrective measures during design or during die manufacturing.
  3. Die Manufacturing requires state of art machines to cut exact shape in hot die steel with very close tolerances so that product is of high quality and minimum machining is required on it.
  4. Different parts require different sizes of Die Casting machines based on their projected area and weight so finding a good supplier with variety of machines is a very important criteria for the selection of suppliers.
  5. Almost all parts require machining operation to make part suitable for assembly and fitment. These machines are high speed, high-performance machines and many die casting suppliers don’t have this facility in house.
  6. The surface treatment process is the requirement where we do painting or powder coating operation for aesthetic look or improving the quality of Aluminum parts from oxidation and other defects.

As a strategy, our criteria for selection of suppliers should be to find out one company who can do all above processes under single roof so that we don’t have to deal with so many suppliers for a single product. Dealing with too many suppliers normally delay the product and the customer has to face with blame games among suppliers.