There are several process in Industrial sector which has made things easier for us and Die Casting process in one of them.

This is a unique process used in mass production lines of the Automobile Industry to improve our efficiency multiple times and maintain dimensional accuracy also.

Die Casting process can be done in many ways, some of them are illustrated below:

  1. Gravity Die Casting: Oldest method of casting process where we use sand or permanent molds to produce parts and molten Alloy is filled into the cavity by gravitational force, hence name Gravity to die casting. This is a relatively slow production process but there are still some castings which can only be made by this process only.
  2. Low-Pressure Die Casting: In LPDC process casting is filled with very low pressure and one of the unique features of this process is that molten alloy is filled into the cavity from the bottom of the die.
  3. High Pressure Die Casting: In today’s fast-paced world, we need a process which is fast and accurate also, the HPDC process suffice this requirement and is the most frequently used process and most popular among all Die Casting processes.
    High pressure (600 Kgf/cm2 to 1000 Kgf/CM2) applied during filling of the cavity ensure sound casting free from porosity and very thin-walled intricate shapes can be made by this process.


Die Casting Alloys: Though there are many alloys which can be casted by the above methods, Aluminum Alloys are most popular due to it’s availability, cost and strength to weight ratio.
Other common alloys are Zinc, Magnesium etc which are used for specific purposes and requirements.