Aluminum die casting is the process of manufacturing finished metal goods with a lustrous appearance with the help of aluminum. The process is initiated by streamlining the flow of molten aluminum into dies of desired shapes. Aluminum, though, is of immense use to the industry but is tricky enough to put into the die casting process. It involves a series of a method to get through there. Also, the requirement of the machine is of prime use. Some of these machines are listed below:

  • Hot container machines- These heavy devices are employed for Zinc and other mixtures or substances which happen to have very low melting points. But with the current techniques, these heavy devices are capable of handling compounds with elevated melting points. Thus, avoiding hazardous events such as blasting containers, cylinders, etc.
  • Cold container machines- The main point of difference between hot container machines and cold container machines is a technological point of difference. The injection plunger and cylinder here aren’t entirely immersed beneath the molten metal. This assists in sealing the opening tightly. The operating speed at which this machine function is slower compared to the former due to the presence of a change in system configuration and setup. These heavy devices are predominantly used for metals and compounds which possess a higher melting point than other elements and compounds.
Implementation in 2 wheeler industry:
Several parts of 2 wheelers such as bike, scooter, Scooty are manufactured with aluminum die casting process.
Some of the main parts are as under:
  • Braking systems: These can be spotted at the rims of the wheel. They are metal disc kinds of objects present on the spokes of the wheel. These discs are mainly made of aluminum. They are manufactured by pouring aluminum into dies of these disc shapes.
  • Transmission: Transmission boxes are the heart and soul of any vehicle. This is the box where all connection of the gearboxes goes into. These transmission boxes are manufactured by pouring molten aluminum into dies shaped in the form of transmission boxes.
  • Suspension: Suspension serves a dual purpose in vehicles viz. handling and braking. This is the main factor that reduces jerks and uncomfortable experiences. 2-wheeler has fork tubes for suspension in the front part and a shock absorber for the rare part. These suspension tubes are prepared by pouring molten aluminum into dies shaped in the form of suspension tubes.

Perks of aluminum die casting:

  • Durability- Objects made by this process are regarded as the toughest in matters of structure. In comparison to any other process, this process enhances the durability leaps and bounds. May it be any dampening factors such as rusting, vigorous weather effects, or any other such factor, the metal remains unchanged.
  • Conductivity- A very vital aspect of the metal manufacturing business. Metals that are capable of conducting heat and electricity efficiently hold enormous popularity in the industry.
  • Quick production: The aluminum die casting process is quite a fast process as the machines involved are quite efficient and accurate, so it also eliminates the possibility of the occurrence of any error which might later prove to be fatal.