Imagine yourself thinking of picking up a glass of water kept right in front of you but are unable to do so. You keep thinking about it, but your hands don’t move. That’s what your body will be without nerves. Nerves are the part of the body that carrying signals from our mind to the other parts.

The same is the case with our vehicles. What the nerve is to a human body the same as automotive control cable to your vehicle. They carry instructions from one part of the vehicle to all along everywhere in the vehicle, thus giving us the ability to have control of our vehicle. If you want to accelerate your vehicle, you just have to twist the handle a bit, and your vehicle accelerates. The wire between the engine and the handle carried the disturbance to the engine, which in turn accelerated the vehicle. The same is the case with lights, brakes, and horn to it has always been controlling cables doing the required. Structure wise these cables are long, flexible, and usually black-coloured and cylindrical, spread like a web. They can be easily seen in 2 wheelers by looking between the headlight and handle.

Different types of control cables:

  •  Clutch cable: This is the cable that runs between the clutch and wheel.
  • Accelerator cable: This is where people lose their minds and exploit the hell out of the use of this feature. The cable connecting accelerator and the wheels are known as the accelerator cable.
  •  Brake cable: Bump ahead? Worry break has got you covered. This cable runs between the brakes and wheels and coordinates with them to ensure that the vehicle runs swiftly. They are different types of brakes, such as normal brakes, disc brakes, etc. Disc brakes can stop your vehicle at once, but it sure gives an overwhelming amount of jerk.
  • Push/Pull cable: These cables are required to change gears while you are driving your vehicle. According to the requirement, the cable connected to the engine carries a jerk, which changes the state in which the vehicle currently is.
  •  Customized cable: You can have these cables installed in your vehicle as you like them. So you just have to walk up to any mechanic or customization shop to have it installed. According to your whims and fancies, you can have your vehicle and control cables modified.

It is vital to buy good quality control cables because our vehicles depend upon them and so indirectly our life depends on them. Also, while searching for a control cable manufacturer in India, it is necessary to account for some factors.

The factors include:

  • A mechanic should be able to install the cables safely without any hassles.
  • Cables must have a knack for resisting high temperatures.
  • The manufacturer should assure of a quality product.
  • Cables must be corrosion and heat resistant. Also, they must be coated.
  • The cables must have considerable tensile strength. So that they’ll be able to resist the stress and strains while the vehicle is running.