Having knowledge about your vehicle’s internal systems can be of great help in making you aware of the time that your car needs repair. At such a time you should not delay and go to a repair shop right away. Brakes are one of the most important components of your vehicle and utmost attention should be paid to them. It must be assured and checked from time to time that the brakes are not worn out or in any infeasible condition.

If your brakes or rotors are wearing out, then you must get them changed or else it may pose a great danger to your safety. There are a lot of good brake pad companies that will provide you with the best brake pads for your vehicle. Though you can get all the work done on your vehicle from outside, it is good to have some knowledge about your vehicles. This is especially true for the braking system as you may never know when you may need that information. The detailed information about the braking system is explained in the following section.

Master Cylinder

As the name suggests, this is the master or the major component that powers the whole braking system of your vehicle. The master cylinder signals to transmit the hydraulic fluid through the brake lines when pressure is applied on the brake pedal by the driver. The hydraulic power engages and activates the pistons of brake and this results in the slowing down or stoppage of the vehicle.

Brake Calipers

A brake caliper houses the various mechanical components of the braking system. It consists of different components such as brake pads, brake pistons and brake rotors. Generally, if a car is having problems in braking; the mechanic, in order to solve the issue and repair the braking system, may need to dismantle the brake caliper.

Brake Rotors

The brake rotors have a direct connection to the wheels of a vehicle. The brake rotors curtail the rotation of the wheels when the pressure is applied on the brake pads.

Brake Lines

This component of the braking system is developed to transmit or send the brake fluid through the entire braking system. The various parts of a braking system are connected to the master cylinder via a series of brake lines. If a car is leaking brake fluid it probably means that the brake lines have been damaged.

Brake Pads

The brake pads perform the function of gripping the brake rotors resulting in the slowing down or the stoppage of the vehicle. This part of the braking system wears more frequently than any other. It is so because this component receives a very high level of friction. Due to this reason, a brake pad replacement is one of the most common repair jobs that a person must get done.

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