ASK Automotive Private Limited applauds COVID – 19 warriors.


ASK Automotive Private Limited has scaled up preparedness to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic by initiating a myriad of activities amid the 21-day lockdown. As a part of our CSR activity and the magnanimous gesture of Mr. Kuldip Singh Rathee, CMD, ASK Automotive Private Limited our committed volunteers are working in tandem with the Government of India. They are ensuring the availability and distribution of essential commodities such as food and dry ration amongst the migrant workers, the homeless and needy communities in Manesar and neighboring remote areas. AHSAAS the charitable arm of ASK Automotive Private Limited supports the heroic, praiseworthy efforts of the Gurugram police staff to ensure a total lockdown by manning the streets and persuading people to stay indoors. In recognition of this exemplary service to humanity by the police staff, we are contributing to their safety, hygiene and wellbeing with a generous supply of sanitizers, masks, hand gloves and hand washes for a unit of approximately 1200 police staff across 17 police stations /Thana’s in Manesar, Gurugram.

ASK Automotive Private Limited is a leading manufacturer and supplier of friction products, aluminum die-casting products and safety control cables to leading OEMs.

We are in complete solidarity with the Government of India and commit ourselves to provide any support that the nation would need in these challenging times.

Dated: 31st March 2020, IMT Manesar Gurugram.

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